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What is local SEO?

The local SEO is a process of optimizing your business for local search, so it shows up in local results on local search engines such as Google local and Yahoo local.

New York local SEO search affects how potential customers find you through the internet.

According to a report from Brightlocal, 69% of people use local searches monthly, and 85% do them weekly.

Also, they found that more than 50% of those people looking for local businesses look exclusively for local options (own transportation required).  For website people like us this means: if we don’t show up here we lost them!   

Companies with brick and mortar locations can be found by consumers using mobile devices; 57 percent of mobile searchers will make an immediate purchase upon finding local businesses on their phones.

For people living up in the North, New York local SEO is an approach to reach local search results. ┬áThis means that you will optimize your website for local searches, and in the process of doing so you might also get some more organic traffic from other sources. ┬áThese local results are found under a local map/skyline logos and they basically consist of: local 3-pack (if you don’t show up here it’s like not existing on the internet), your name, address and phone number.

Getting into Google local pack implies 3 things:

You register your business with Google You add information such as business hours, customer reviews etc on your business listing on Google You optimize your site according to certain guidelines so it shows up “with local intent” when local searches are made:

Some companies choose to manage their local results and information on Google with a local SEO agency in Hungary, and some do it themselves.  The former option is more expensive, but they can guarantee that you will stay in the local pack because the work gets done every month for you.  The downside of this is that agencies might “forget” to take you out of local results if your website changes or your business moves.  

To be always up-to-date yourself, however, requires quite a bit of time and focus – at least until you get used to the guidelines.  Let’s look at them briefly now!

1) Your site should have unique content

Changes on your site should be made gradually and local search engines don’t like it when local listings change their information often.  Make sure you have unique content that can’t be copied from other websites, and use your business name as the title of every page (e.g.: “Unique Dog Grooming” instead of “Dog Grooming Services”.

2) Use local keywords in the titles of your pages

The Google local algorithm wants to provide searchers with local results so if somebody searches for “businesstoinvestors”, but there’s only 1 such business in their city – they will want to see it first!  If another website is ranked higher than yours, try changing the titles of some of your webpages to include local keywords to try and beat them in local rankings.

3) Add local information about your business

You should also add local information on your website, including the address of your company, hours of operation etc because Google will prefer local results that are more relevant for searchers.  Also make sure you have full contact details (e.g.: phone number) because local searches might include local numbers in their search terms.

4) Make use of local citations

If there are no local listings available for your business yet, you need to start working on building them yourself!  A citation is basically a mention of your name/address/telephone number somewhere online – it could be a reference to you by another business or even a local blog.  The more local citations you can find, the higher your local search result will be in local listings!

5) Make local reviews count

Customer reviews are an important part of local listings because people like to see others’ opinions before they make a purchase.  Make sure you ask for reviews (e.g.: on TripAdvisor), and always thank them with discounts or other incentives if their review counts towards local rankings for your business.    

6) Optimize images properly

If you use Google maps to guide people to your location, make sure that the map marker shows up where you are (Address should be filled out).  Also don’t forget about the other 6 pack results by adding descriptions, contact information and opening hours to your local listing.

The Internet is full of misinformation about how local SEO works. While some of it is advanced tactics such as schema markup and even some local link building efforts, most is out of date. Local Optimization is still more art than science but there are some…

There has been an explosion of local traffic in recent years, largely due to local search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses are learning about local SEO best practices and which strategies help local businesses. Here is an overview of local seo basics to get started with local search marketing.

Is seo services worth it?

Now local SEO is difficult. Here’s how to do local optimization yourself

This guide will show you how local seo works and local rankings are determined. We recommend local seo packages for best results.  We’ll explain local seo strategies that work including local citations, reviews, links & more! Get started with our free checklist to see your website’s local search ranking potential . Get started with this local seo template!

As you can see from the examples above, Local SEO is all about building links back to your site by creating useful content that gets noticed around the web. This means getting noticed in places where people find businesses like blogs , local forums and local directories .

Links from local websites will really help you rank your local business website higher in local search results because Google looks at these as trusted sources of information about local businesses. This is because local SEO usually happens on a micro-local level, with local blogs and forums giving out recommendations for local services and businesses based on their experiences alone.  So it’s highly trustable!

Here are some blogging ideas that can help you get started with link building for your local seo campaign:

These local blog posts contain valuable content such as tips and tricks which readers might find useful. Since they’re informative, people tend to post them online so you can easily find them around the web when doing some research or even link building.

How to get local links which shouldn’t be a problem for local businesses! Just write a review on local directories and forums and you’ll find people linking back to your site. You can also reach out to local bloggers, encourage them to write about your business, offer them some freebies in exchange for an honest post .

You’re basically building connections with local bloggers who then link back to your local seo optimized website when they mention it or talk about it online. It’s worth doing because one friend of mine got into the habit of checking his local ranking everyday just so he could see what was going on over time – he’d noticed a sudden spike in rankings thanks to all the local seo work he had been doing at that point.

If you want local seo services to take care of all your local business optimization needs, local seo pro is the right choice for you.  They’ve got a long list of local seo packages so they can help with almost any local seo project and any budget.

I was surprised by the difference that local search engine optimization made not just in my local ranking but also in terms of local traffic and conversions after pushing through a few local seo packages. I guess it’s truly an investment worth making! Plus we now rank number one on Google for several highly competitive keywords such as “seo”, “website design” and more.